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Austral Journal of Veterinary Sciences, formerly Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria, publishes original scientific contributions in English, containing the latest developments and discoveries in veterinary sciences. The journal covers topics such as animal health and production, preventive medicine, zoonosis, pharmacology and therapeutics, methods of diagnosis, and other areas related to the veterinary field. Austral Journal of Veterinary Sciences aims to divulge information about advances in veterinary medicine among universities, research centres, industries, government agencies, biologists, agronomists and veterinarians.

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Vol. 55 Núm. 2 (2023)

Publicado: 2023-08-21

Physical quality of different industrial versus non-industrial eggs obtained from groceries and markets in southern Chile

Mónica Gandarillas, Valeria Olmos, Bárbara Piña, Juan Pablo Keim, Einar Vargas-Bello-Pérez


Effects of the inclusion of brown seaweed (Macrocystis pyrifera) additive in the diet of grass-fed steers on carcass performance, meat quality, and nutrient composition

Nancy Jerez-Timaure, Rubén Pulido, Florencia Heinsohn, Jonathan Mendoza, Josefa Fuentes, Marcelo Brintrup, Maureen Berkhoff


Zoonoses and traumatic injuries among practicing veterinarians from Southern Chile

Luciano Herrera-Rosales, Lucía Azócar-Aedo, Javier Cabello-Stom


Frequency and risk factors of intestinal parasites in pet dogs from Mexicali, Mexico

Dhamaris Sharai Gonzalez-Saldívar, Enrique Trasviña-Muñoz, Gilberto López-Valencia, Paulina Haro, Francisco Javier Monge-Navarro, José Carlomán Herrera-Ramírez, Nohemí Castro-del-Campo, Soila Gaxiola-Camacho


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