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Austral Journal of Veterinary Sciences, formerly Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria, publishes original scientific contributions in English, containing the latest developments and discoveries in veterinary sciences. The journal covers topics such as animal health and production, preventive medicine, zoonosis, pharmacology and therapeutics, methods of diagnosis, and other areas related to the veterinary field. Austral Journal of Veterinary Sciences aims to divulge information about advances in veterinary medicine among universities, research centres, industries, government agencies, biologists, agronomists and veterinarians.

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Vol. 56 Núm. 1 (2024)

Publicado: 2024-01-02

Selenium affects genes associated with immunity and apoptosis in in vitro follicles of ewes

Leonor Miranda-Jiménez, María Monserrat López-Velázquez, Adrián Raymundo Quero-Carrillo, Alejandrina Robledo-Paz


Carvacrol-loaded invasomes biocidal effect against multidrug resistant isolates of Enterobacteriaceae and housefly

Marwa Yehia, Amr Gamal, Fatma I. Abo-El-Ela, Abdel-Azeem S. Abdel-Baki, Samar M. Ibrahium, Khaled AM. Shokier, Saleh Al-Quraishy, Ahmed O. Hassan, Noha H. Abdelgelil, Shawky M. Aboelhadid


The 2022 Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak in Iraq

Karima Akool Al-Salihi, Mohammed Hassan Younise, Zakaria Zuhair Mahmoud, Tanveer Hussain


Identification of potentially harmful bacterial genera of veterinary relevance in the Llanquihue urban wetlands

José Dellis Rocha, Catherine Opitz, Vicente Cárdenas, Cristal Mella, Daniel Medina


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