Una Aproximación al Concepto de Hecho Científico

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Víctor Patricio Díaz Narváez
Aracelis Calzadilla Núñez
Héctor Lopez Salinas


To analize the concept about scientific fact was the purpose of this work. This concept is a principal element to scientific hypothesis formulation. The properties and characteristics of this must observance were enumerated. Moreover, the concept studied of this work was compared with another analysis about some concept realized by other epistemologist and philosophic sciences.This concept is transversal for all patterns natural sciences and the properties and characteristics must observance.

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Díaz Narváez, V. P., Calzadilla Núñez, A., & Lopez Salinas, H. (2017). Una Aproximación al Concepto de Hecho Científico. Revista Austral De Ciencias Sociales, (8), 3–16. https://doi.org/10.4206/rev.austral.cienc.soc.2004.n8-01