Agroecología y Sistemas Agrícolas Sustentables

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M. González-Chang
J. Dörner
F. Zúñiga


Agricultural practices are essential for producing enough food to feed a constantly increasing human population, but when applying them in farms, we also have to consider that we need to live in a safe world within planetary boundaries. Unfortunately, conventional agricultural activities are one of the main drivers for losing ecosystem functions provided by nature such as pollination, pest control, decomposition of soil organic matter and cycling of soil nutrients, amongst many others. Therefore, we have to research strategies that help us reaching a sustainable agriculture framework through exploring the principles of agroecology, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, natural agriculture, sustainable intensification, biodynamics and biointensive agriculture. All these types of agricultural systems can help in achieving food security and sovereignty, sufficient drinking water supply, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
The present Agro Sur Special Issue in “Agroecology and Sustainable Agricultural Systems” aims to ...

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González-Chang, M., Dörner, J., & Zúñiga, F. (2018). Agroecología y Sistemas Agrícolas Sustentables. Agro Sur, 46(2), 1–2.

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